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form all over the world nowadays

Le 27 octobre 2014, 11:15 dans Humeurs 0

The greatest fear of people form all over the world nowadays is the upcoming event of Doomsday to take place on December 21, 2012. Looking at these information at hand, you will realize that it is not enough that we have our supplies; we also have to find the best place to survive 2012. There is no assurance that we can be safe in Earth when we will eventually be confronted with the doomsday. You should realize as well that our technology cannot ever protect us; in fact, the advanced technologies we have gotten used to might just bring us more harm than good. But then again, finding the most fitting place can at least give us the chance to struggle against the wraths of nature and thereby survive. Read on to know what things you should have about finding the proper place as your refuge.

Expect two probable incidents to occur in 2012; first is the immense solar radiations caused by the impact of Planet X on Earth. The second one is the assault of aliens deemed to have been envisaged by the Mayans long time ago. Scientists say that aliens have already visited Earth and their comeback on 2012 already means destruction of human civilization. With these things in mind, our goal to find the perfect place for survival needs to be in parallel to the possible events.

Having these things in mind, your mind will then be open to possibilities that anything can happen; expect then massive calamities like simultaneous explosions of volcanoes, continental shifts, climate change and he tsunamis to mention. Possibly, it can also happen that there will be a series of explosions of nuclear reactors to bring about millions of deaths of people for various countries.

If you are planning to build your own underground shelter, make sure that it is far from volcanic areas and water lines. Once continental shifts happen, it is not safe to stay underground near volcanoes because of the possibility of lava flow and rock showers. That is why staying close to a nearby waterline is truly a risk, especially that there is the possibility of

encountering giant tsunamis. Thus, you should avoid remaining in countries like those in South America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Since our world is equipped with nuclear reactors and power plants, building bunkers on countries like China, United States, Russia, North Korea, and countries in the Middle East will do you no good. Once we experienced meteor showers, we are already susceptible to explosion of these nuclear power plants. Should these things take place, it will also contribute to the fatalities of people which will further obstruct the resurgence of our nation.

We also have to think about the materials which can withstand pressures caused by explosions and the varying changes in the climate. Settle on bringing with you some seedlings of root crops that do not require too much air and sunlight to grow. Thus, you need to make certain that the bunker is able to ensure your protection and safety even at the most disastrous events of 2012.

As of the latest findings by geologists, North Africa is the sole location on the planet so far that is safe for humans to thrive. Not only that the place is free from nuclear reactors, but also scientists are considering the fact that such area in Africa is a flat terrain which is excellent for underground bunkers. It is also a positive sign that North Africa is not surrounded by volcanoes and any body of water.


Selecting the best place to survive 2012 is essential in maintaining life here on Earth. As a matter of fact, this should be your top priority equaled with the need for the supply of resources. But then again, chances of surviving are not guaranteed even if we are sheltered in underground havens. 

balenciaga handbags outlet packs

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Bum Bags

A bum bag is known by different names in different parts of the world. They are called fanny packs, belt balenciaga handbags outlet packs, moon bags, etc. in countries from the US to South Africa. These terms refer to a pouch made of fabric or leather or other man made material. This pouch is then strapped at the front of the body around the waist just above the hips.

These were very popular especially among tourists around the mid1980s up to the 90s. You can still find them today being worn once again mainly by tourists. Although the popularity has gown down a bit, it was brought once again to the forefront when well known designers promoted them in their fashion collection.

Bum bags are very convenient because of the way they are strapped on the body. It leaves ones hands free to manoeuvre whilst the bag is securely positioned on the body. You can find these in many different colours and designs to cater to individual tastes and fashion trends. Although the staple bum bag is black in colour and discrete in its designs, one can find those that have many kinds of embellishments on them. Some come in neon colours as well as floral fabrics and geometric designs.

Many now have numerous compartments as well as hidden ones to help keep cash and other valuables safe whilst travelling. Since it is strapped and positioned to the front of the body, there is very little chance of pickpockets succeeding in stealing the contents of these bags. A lot of people also wear them under their jackets making it even more difficult for any chance of being the victim of pick pockets.

You can also find these bags made from plastic or other waterresistant material to keep them dry in case of rain, etc. These are especially useful for those who use them when hiking or going on jungle treks where the weather can be unpredictable. It is also useful when traveling during winter season when there could be snow and chances of getting wet from snow is high.

People also appreciated the fact that it is always visible to them and that it was accessible at all times. It is usually big enough to carry important documents such as passports and cash and even small items of shopping.

During its height of popularity, many people started wearing them whilst going shopping because of its balenciaga handbags convenience. Women especially liked it because it was strapped in front, was visible and easily accessible.

It also meant that you had both arms free to move about without having to carry a handbag over one shoulder. Men also found that it was more convenient to have their cash in these bags rather than their back trouser pockets where the chances of being pick pocketed was high. It also meant that one did not have to wear a jacket specifically to carry their wallets.


Bum bags are worn all over the world and many people can be found wearing them whilst traveling and even by those selling produce in farmers markets! These bags have proven to be convenient and the bag of choice for those who want freedom of movement whilst going balenciaga handbag about their daily business or whilst traveling.